Monday, September 20, 2010

Athens Taxi Cost Estimation

Tired of being overcharged for taxi trips in Athens? At the weekend I made this simple tool to help estimate the cost of traveling through Athens by taxi: The costs have been calculated according to the most up to date laws (2010) and include a full itemisation of charges you can expect from your taxi trip. The charges also include the 11% VAT introduced for Athens taxi services in July.

To use the tool, simply right-click on the map to specify your starting and destination address or use the input fields in the left hand side menu. The screenshot below shows a trip from the port to the airport including additional port, toll-road (Attikh Odos) and airport fees.

The tool was made using Google's Beta Maps API v3, Google geocoding and directions services and some very ugly hacked up css/jquery/javascript. Improvements coming soon :)


  1. Wow, Phil thats a very good tool for a weekend work. I just checked it out and like it a lot. I wish I had the ability to create something like that that fast. Thanks for sharing. Cheers

  2. hi Sir

    I'm sure you are giving wrong information.
    you should at least inform the people that the calculator is only for calculation inside of city limits.

    if i choose a destination out of the city limits without select night tariff it should be calculated like this:
    km in town with day tariff.
    km outside town with night tariff.
    i am a taxi driver 12 years and my honesty is my bible.
    If one of my customers see your price for a destination like Athens to Loytraki or Patra
    i will be in a hole of trouble,, because he will think that i took more money than the legal...
    and i'll loose a customer for your lie..

    please don't give wrong informations...

    thanks a lot.
    have a nice day.

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  5. Gia kapoio logo fainetai na apofeugei to kentro tis athinas - px syntagma. Exw google chrome

  6. Phil, would you be interested in implementing the same calculator (same features, just different rate structure) for another city? I run a small taxi fleet and it would be interesting if we could get that onto our site. Let me know if you could do this for a fee (of course). Drop me an email at

  7. Λοιπον , το δοκίμασα και ειναι 100% επιτυχημένο!!!
    στις 05.30 χωρις φαναρια πλήρωσα ακριβώς οτι έβγαλε εδώ.

    + δοκιμασμενο απο μετρό αγ.δημητριου για ακρωτήρι

  8. now includes 2011 prices and rise from 11% to 13% FPA starting 01/01/2011 :)

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  10. That is a great tool that you created. Is your invention for sale or for use in other cities? You could probably make a killing off of that.
    Fred Hutchinson |

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