Saturday, January 7, 2012

Athens public transport planner


  1. Interesting stuff. I am planning to make something similar for learning purposes. Any chance you could send the source code?

  2. Is there a direct link to the GTFS for Athens from the transport operator? I've only found the gtfs-data-exchange link and the link to your custom file on this page, unfortunately both are outdated. I have a large OTP installation I'd like to add Athens to.

    OTP certainly is an interesting project!

  3. Thanks for the update Philip, maybe recent events in Greece have influenced progress on the Athens GTFS feed? Although from what I've heard they're still working on new subway links so there must be budget available to update their timetable.

    I know what you mean about hogging memory, I did a count recently and realised I have over 200GB of RAM allocated to OTP! I look at computer specs in an entirely different way since finding OTP, its all about how many RAM slots they have :-)

  4. Unfortunate they haven't continued to update it, the problem is I can see many services would change over the course of two years so as time goes on the timetables will become more and more inaccurate. Its the same case with many cities where there are multiple agencies, but even with huge datasets they still manage to update their GTFS.

    Unfortunately yes, over 200GB and I'm using all of it! I've recently added the entire United Kingdom and that graph alone uses 60-90GB RAM, geospatial data really loves memory :-(

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